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Even when they began making profits in their enterprises, they often folded the money back into the businesses rather than into their residences." Roth Page 73: Early Georgian Architecture, 1690-1750 -- The Georgian normally had "two important front rooms flanking the hall, and two lesser rooms behind.The hall, in fact, and the division into more specialized rooms reflects the increasingly greater formality in social structure, and the degree of separation and insulation that was derived between the owners and their managers and servants." And the beginning of a separation between private and public spaces in homes." Roth Page 105: 1700s - "In between the one-room houses of ordinary people and the porched houses of the great families were the two-rooms-to-a-floor, two-storey houses which we most commonly associate with the colonial period. In the South these houses commonly went up only a storey and a half.Urban centers have forgotten their existence is dependent on the rural areas that surround them, and have illusions they are self- sufficient.In reality, cities rely on faraway places for their food, fuel, and water, which often comes from distant reservoirs.Another 22 percent lived in houses from 450 to 600 square feet, space large enough for two rooms - though small ones - on the ground floor." Bushman "In Halifax County, in Virginia's poor Southside, 80 percent of the houses in 1785 contained less than 400 square feet on the ground floor...

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Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.Page 50: "By the latter half of the seventeenth century the Massachusetts Bay colonists had developed a unique house type, based on the traditional heavy hewn or sown frame construction of English houses, but adapted to the New England climate." Roth Page 50: "The saltbox house type of the 17th century began as a two-storey, two-room house with a central chimney and stairs.

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