Core data updating model

24-Jan-2018 08:49

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As data stewards, they have access to Master Data Manager, a Web application that gives them ownership of the processes that identify and react to data quality issues.For example, a data steward can specify conditions that trigger actions, such as creating a default value for missing data, sending an e-mail notification, or launching a workflow.

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Another option is to use it as a System of Record to integrate data from multiple source systems into a consolidated view, which you can then manage more efficiently from a central location.

Put another way, master data represents the business entities-people, places, or things-that participate in a transaction.

In a data mart or data warehouse, master data becomes dimensions.

Some organizations try their best not to add another system dedicated to master data management to minimize the number of systems they must maintain.

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However, ultimately they find that neither existing applications nor ETL processes can be sufficiently extended to accommodate their requirements.

This scenario presents additional problems for operational master data in an organization because there is no coordination across multiple systems.