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29-Jan-2018 01:40

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Things happen, you forget your coffee at home, you get toothpaste on your sweater, you have a bad hair day, your laptop pulls a Diana Ross on you, and your relationship ends. Yes, all have happened to me within the past 6 months, two of them happening today. Isn’t that how it goes though?

 Things happen, and sometimes relationships need to end. My relationship ended in August because it needed to. Plain and simple. If we kept the relationship going we would have beaten it down until there would be nothing, not even a friendship.  Everything happens for a reason, even if it sucks, it needs to happen, and we all need to remember that.

Cutting or coloring my hair after a breakup is my ultimate fresh start, and my first baby step toward moving on after a painful breakup.

Here are the reasons why: Think of how many times a makeover served as the symbol of a big life transition in movies or pop culture.

It has also gone from brown to black to red to blue to blonde.

No matter how many inches I decided to chop off or what color I decided to dye my hair during my spur-of-the-moment trip to the salon, I have always walked out with both fresh hair and a fresh perspective.

Greg Blatt, who has been chief executive officer of the company since 2010, will become chairman of the newly created Match Group, which will house the firm’s online dating businesses,, fitness site Daily Burn, and the company’s interest in Skyllzone.

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I’m excited to say that I have a new booklet that describes the packages available for people thinking about a business idea, growing a business, or honing a business.