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24-Jan-2018 10:46

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After 20 years of marriage, I still use all the Tools in BOTH these programs. You can buy on their own for 5 easy monthly payments of .Or you can buy them together for 15% off the full price, and pay a month.You see, the feelings you think of as difficult for him to hear - like anger and jealousy - are actually compellingly attractive to him… Contrary to what you may think, men aren’t afraid of feelings.They actually YEARN to experience feelings with a woman.

You can find the perfect words that will inspire HIM to want to push your relationship forward, whether it’s commitment, marriage, or just deeper intimacy.Instead of spending hours dissecting “what he said” and what you should have said, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease because you and your man understand each other so well.You’ll never again have to swallow your pride, stew in silence, or painfully regret what you said that pushed him away.Then there are the acute and chronic effects of hiding your feelings. When you finally DO express your emotions, you’re burning up with anger and you explode, pushing him away.

You see, not expressing your true emotions backfires because he never gets to experience the real you, so he senses there’s something phony about you… He feels like your words are an attack, that you’re making him wrong and telling him what to do… If you continue to deflect your feelings, the issue’s never resolved…

When you speak to a man using a Love Script, you immediately feel confident and grounded, knowing that you’re communicating in a way that he can really hear.

Don't let your life pass you by, fullfil those needs and meet others who share those same intimacy needs.… continue reading »

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