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Finishes included ’59 Burst, Honey, Kool Blue, Red Transparent and Tobacco Sunburst. The Mirage and Mirage II lasted until ’97 or ’98, when they were replaced by the Mirage Maple Top (essentially the Mirage II with a flamed maple top), Seymour Duncan ’59 and JB humbuckers, and locking Schaller tuners.This model came in honey, kool blue, and red transparent.The body was now made of alder, and the maple neck was bolted on, with the four-in-line headstock.The pickguard was a natty laminated tortoise affair, sort of oval extending under the strings from the neck, but with a kind of batwing extension over the treble cutaway horn.The Mirage Maple Top disappeared after only a year.Artist Archtop, et al In ’95 Hamer introduced the Artist Archtop (Model GATA), the Studio Archtop Artist, and the new version of the Cruise Bass.The Artist Archtop (sometimes also called the Artist Arched Top or Archtop Artist -fun, eh?

The original version also had a Wilkinson Wrap Around bridge, although by ’97 this had changed to a finetune bridge and stop tailpiece.Eclipse Not resting on its laurels, yet two more new Hamer models debuted in ’94 – the Eclipse and the Mirage.The Eclipse (Model GECS) was a new asymmetrical offset double-cutaway design with short horns, the upper somewhat larger and rounded, the lower more pointed, and a rounded lower bout.Other features similar to the Sunburst Archtop included a mahogany neck, Hamer three-and-three headstock (blackface), a bound 22-fret, 243/4″ scale rosewood fingerboard with crown inlays, finetune bridge, stop tailpiece, twin humbuckers, three-way select, volume, and two tones.

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There were two primary differences; first the Artist Archtop was a semi-hollowbody with a sound chamber and f-hole, and the second was in pickups, which were Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers.And like the Sunburst Archtop, the Artist Archtop played more name games as it evolved.