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This small pottery jar dates back to the Ninevite V period, c. From Northern Mesopotamia, Iraq; precise provenance of excavation is unknown. Foundation cone inscribed with the name of Gudea, ruler of Lagash (r. It was found in a temple at Girsu, modern-day Tell Telloh, Dhi Qar Governorate, Iraq. Entry is free and photography is allowed (without flash), but you have to obtain permission beforehand from the museum’s staff. Many artifacts excavated at Tell Qaling Agha are displayed to the public in a special case. I introduced myself and asked the museum to grant me permission in order take photos of the museum’s antiquities and publish them on Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE). (Tell Qaling Agha is an ancient tell (mound) within Erbil.) The rules and regulations at that time allowed each museum within Iraq to house and display only “one” excavated artifact if a group of artifacts was found within the museum’s governorate (or province).

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Clay hollow cylinder inscribed with cuneiform texts. Nota Bene: “ND 7100” can be recognized on the cylinder’s intact left bottom. An ivory plaque depicting a standing/striding bull, heading to the left. He said that the inscriptions mention the name of the Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II (r. Qadri Ali, an archeologist, partially deciphered this text but he did not complete it. From left to right: Life-size statue of an unknown leader or ruler from Hatra; a small statue depicting an unidentified deity but it might well represent the messenger god Hermes; small statue of an unidentified female deity; life-size statue of king Sanatruq I.

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From modern-day Iraq; precise provenance of excavation is unknown.

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