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Other dams don’t live long enough to become obsolete. For some dams that do still serve purposes like Scituate and Glen Canyon, dam owners, conservation groups, and government agencies have worked to manage them more holistically.” Some had hoped for that moment for a very long time.We re sorry, but this site works only with a frames- and Java Script-capable browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.nsi 50609 irost 50610 ntis 50611 self-funding 5063 rinds 50614.Grant, Magilligan, and Doyle have a different theory, however.The dams plugged streams and set them to work, turning gears to grind corn, saw lumber, and carve shingles.“The bottom line is usually the bottom line,” says Jim O’Connor, a research geologist at USGS. “I can’t imagine getting dropped into Glen Canyon and having the audacity to start wanting to plug that thing with concrete,” Doyle says.

Dams shaped the country of the rivers they divide, and they don’t go down quietly.

Marmot Dam is just one of a thousand that have been removed from U.

The freed Elwha River rapidly carved out a new channel, carrying with it roughly the same volume of sediment as Mt St.

” Before refrigerators, frozen, dammed streams offered up chunks of ice to be sawed out and saved for the summer.

Nearly one-third of dams in the national inventory list “recreation” as their raison d’être, a rather vague description.

“This dam isn’t coming down,” David Ball, president of the Scituate Historical Society, told me on two occasions.