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Michael had gotten a call from friends in Saudi Arabia who warned that America was under attack. Michael and Brando had trouble leaving their hotel garage because fans kept banging on the car windows, following them down the street, screaming. The actor Corey Feldman, whom Michael had befriended when Feldman was a child star, remembers that he and Michael had quarreled the previous night at Michael’s show, in Elizabeth’s dressing room backstage at Madison Square Garden.

He hollered down the hallway of his hotel for everyone in his entourage, and for Brando, to leave immediately. “Elizabeth hadn’t arrived yet, and then 9/11 happened.

Her two gleaming best-actress Oscars (for ) shared space with tchotchkes and memorabilia, such as a life-size, signed poster of Michael Jackson and a stained-glass portrait of her beloved Maltese dog Sugar.

In her upstairs bedroom—and you were invited upstairs only if Elizabeth was really fond of you—DVDs of her favorite television show, sat among more mementos, dozens of amethyst crystals, photographs, and porcelain figurines.

Living with constant pain and having to rely on prescription painkillers—after two stays at the Betty Ford clinic to be rid of pill and alcohol addictions—would have dampened most spirits, even one as feisty and vital as Elizabeth’s. Her third act would turn out to be a worthy coda to a life so extravagantly lived, and her legacy may finally rest as much on the accomplishments of her last decade as on the fiery years of her early film stardom.

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Wearing cowboy boots, dressed in resplendent colors, and ablaze with diamonds, she favored deep-coral-red lipstick and nail polish and wore her hair coiffed high and dyed Liz Taylor black.

For the occasion, her house in Bel Air was filled with her favorite flowers—gardenias and lilies of the valley.