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30-Dec-2017 00:44

David looked to be small and unarmed but he was in fact a champion slinger.

Goliath seemed the stronger party but his gigantism actually impaired his vision.

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But by the time the article’s author reaches out to Gladwell for a comment — “I don’t think I want to participate in this at all,” said Gladwell — you realize that Macaulay, too, has realized the sheer ridiculousness of the article’s premise and is in on the joke.

”; “Would you send your child to Shepaug Middle School?

”; “Do you know how few things 77 per cent of Americans agree on? In a footnote – many of Gladwell’s jokes are in the footnotes – he offers up a self-mocking anecdote in which his father accuses him of oversimplifying things. “I get that all the time,” Gladwell replies, undefensively.

It’s a rousing theory, an Asterix-like view of the world, full of insurgents and resisters, indomitable spirits prepared to do battle against the big guys.

But it can also be infuriating, because nothing is proven.

An alternative title for the book might have been “Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other”. “It’s not supposed to be prescriptive,” Gladwell replies.

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