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27-Sep-2017 18:46

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City Council Member Blong Yang, who represents north Minneapolis and chairs the public safety committee, says body cams have the potential to clarify what happens during a critical incident.

1(the testimony of a victim need not be corroborated) State v. Audrey Seiler of Rockford, Minnesota disappeared from her campus apartment in Madison, Wisconsin, on March 27, 2004, and was missing for four days-she later confessed to staging the entire event).

In other words, you could be convicted on nothing more than the word of any person who chooses to accuse you. 1977), the Minnesota Supreme Court stated that the jury being able to evaluate the credibility of a witness is sufficient to safeguard the accused's due process rights). And, eyewitness testimony has been proven to be some of the least reliable evidence in court cases.

Corroboration of a person's word should be required by the law, especially in light of the many recent cases of convicted "sex offenders" being freed on DNA evidence. Through the work of volunteers with The Innocence Project, and others, a surprisingly large number of persons convicted by juries and courts "beyond a reasonable doubt" of sex crimes before the advent of DNA evidence, have since been proven "actually innocent" by DNA evidence from the crime scene. Therefore, a change in the law, to require corroboration of an accuser's testimony is essential.

You cannot be convicted of a sex crime unless the prosecutor convinces a jury that there is evidence, proving beyond any reasonable doubts, each of the elements of criminal sexual conduct.

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The prosecutor would, however, point out to the jury (and legally they can) that if they believe the "victim" that that is enough "evidence" to allow them find the defendant (you) guilty.

Those two actions should be separate, in part to protect evidentiary value of both the individual officer's report, and the recordings that are produced by the body cam." Oppenheimer notes this was a key recommendation of the city's Police Conduct Oversight Commission last September.

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