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24-Nov-2017 02:13

If one breaks his wudoo’ after performing ghusl, it is sufficient to make new wudoo’ without bathing again.

A Muslim is encouraged to perform ghusl for Eid prayers.

There are certain occasions when it is recommended and rewardable for a Muslim to perform ghusl.

Some of them are listed here: It is better to perform ghusl on Friday before the Jumu’ah prayer.

It is preferable for a woman, after performing ghusl due to menstruation or post-childbirth bleeding, to take some cotton smeared with fragrance and wipe her private parts, in order to cleanse herself from the odor of the menstrual blood.

Ghusl is not required in the following two cases: (i) Normal vaginal discharge.

Most normal young and older women have a white, sticky discharge called leucorrhea, a liquid quite distinct from orgasmic fluid.

It’s normal for women to get a little discharge on their clothing.

It is sufficient to perform one ghusl for two reasons, such as for sexual impurity and the Friday prayer, provided one has the intention for both of them.Do I have to undo them for ghusl after sexual intercourse?

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