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TENANT’S REMEDIES IF LANDLORD FAILS TO REPAIR: Repair and Deduct: If the repairs require a licensed or skilled repairperson, the tenant must: Self-Help Repairs: If cost of repairs will not exceed 1/2 month’s rent and a licensed or skilled repairperson is not required, tenant may give landlord notice that he/she intends to make repairs themselves. If landlord does not start repairs within the time noted previously, the tenant may make the repairs in a workmanlike manner.

After allowing landlord an opportunity to inspect the work, tenant may deduct all costs (labor and materials) from the next month’s rent.

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If a tenant has a term lease, the tenancy generally terminates automatically on the last day of the lease period without any notice required from either party.

TENANT’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY RENTAL AGREEMENTS Rental agreements establish the conditions for use and occupancy of a residence.

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Gilkey said that he felt that this system will be a tremendous asset to area law enforcement agencies and the citizens of Yell County through helping to provide better trained officers to serve the needs of the citizens.… continue reading »

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