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Captain Medina came up with the idea that we were going to be called the 'Death Dealers.' He wanted us to carry aces of spades, and every time we killed a Vietcong we were to leave the ace of spades on it so that, you know, they knew that it was from the Death Dealers. I think when he found the Military he thought he found his calling, he found a place to fit in.

Kenneth Hodges, Squad Leader: Lieutenant Calley was platoon leader of the first platoon. Some are quite gung-ho, some are quite interested in making a name for themselves. Thomas Turner, Team Leader: My first impression of Lieutenant Calley was he was always trying to please Captain Medina.

NBC News Anchor (Archival): Charges have been made that troops killed as many as 567 South Vietnamese civilians during a sweep in March 1968.

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Aubrey Daniel, Army Prosecutor: It was clear that many, many people had died." And I said, "No, I haven't." And he briefly described what Pinkville was.It was a place on a map of Vietnam, and there had been an operation there.Voice of Man Testifying (Archival): Lieutenant Calley came back and he said, 'Take care of 'em.' He says, 'I mean, kill 'em.' Voice of Man Testifying (Archival): When they were all just lined up and shot like that, it sort of reminded me of newsreels of Hitler. And it had to make believable an event which nobody would ever want to believe. Fred Widmer, Radio Operator: Charlie Company was a cross-section of just your general, basic young people at that point in time. You know - East Coast, West Coast, Blacks, Whites, Mexicans - there was nothing special about us. I'd gone to college for couple semesters after high school.

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Aubrey Daniel, Army Prosecutor: There certainly appeared that there had been an effort to cover up what happened at My Lai. Voice of Peers Commission Member (Archival): Did Mr. Aubrey Daniel, Army Prosecutor: To bring a case like this, given its potential magnitude, it had to be solid. The question was what was the scale that we were dealing with? I wasn't cut out for college, I went to be a teacher, and then it was like no, the wrong profession.Old men, women with children in their arms, and babies.