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“You’re idiots,” is what she thought of their childlike banter. Taylor is acutely aware that the stigma encircling rape ensures that many men will get away with the crime.

True predators know women’s reluctance to speak about rape works in their favor. “We give them control when we don’t talk about it,” Taylor said. I wait for the investigation, for a match, for an arrest, a trial, a conviction. For some resolution that won’t fix the fact that holding my daughter’s hand puts me back on my stomach on that bed.

Or that an attack by someone a woman knows is somehow less of a crime. One is titled “After Silence.” It’s a woman’s account of regaining her sense of self after a rape. They knew enough to use the back door to our building, which didn’t secure properly. She knows most rape victims will never talk so openly, outside their much smaller circles of influence. If somebody comes to you saying they’ve been raped, don’t expect them to be as public about it.She’s done several interviews for local television, her faced cloaked in shadow. For Taylor, the night in February was just the first time that the details fit a rape story that people would readily accept. “But this is something that is in our culture.” Society’s queasiness about sexual assault has long been coddled.This month, she spoke to a group of nurses, recounting her three-hour rape kit exam. We expect women to keep quiet, to muffle their pain to avoid the stigma. It was during her second session that she finally, deeply sobbed.She offered insight, like getting the initial samples collected quickly. That shrouding we ask of the victim allows people space. That way, she’ll never have an image of their faces. Her little girl has begun waking at night, her small limbs thrashing about as she yells, “No! ” Her mother wonders if the toddler is acting out in ways she instinctively knew she could not during the attack. It took weeks before Taylor could go to sleep at night without help from medication. “You still have bills to pay, and I have a child to raise.” And yet gratitude is equally present.

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And how, though she needed to use the bathroom, she didn’t because wiping herself might destroy evidence. We make assumptions about the woman’s behavior, who she is, why she was targeted. This way, a lot of people don’t have to think about the prevalence of such attacks. She rubbed the semen on the pants, smeared it on the bed. Taylor loathes contemplating and yet hopes for the day she confronts the men in court. Her nights were cold sweats, jumping out of bed with her heart racing. If she hadn’t spoken up, if she hadn’t alerted a large network of friends, she might never have known how much encouragement she could draw. Taylor is upwardly mobile by her college degree, her work record, her social capital. But one who is unwilling to abide by the constraints long tied to rape. In particular, there is a tight network of influential female friends that she calls her Warrior Women.

“I am known as a frequent critic of Christianity and have never been de-platformed for that. Why is it fine to criticise Christianity but not Islam?