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21-Oct-2017 06:56

We also have additional steps in our Word Press Troubleshooting guide.

Thank you, John-Paul Hi john Paul, thank you for the reply.

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Thank you, John-Paul Hello Majid, As that is something on your local system, it is not something we can troubleshoot from here.

You can block access to the website using .htaccess modifications. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Hello Sandeep, Check out this link on modifying the Windows 10 hosts file.

You would need to modify it with the appropriate admin access in Windows.

Lets say for example I had a development environment on This would allow me to go to domain.com/testing if I needed to.

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If you are using IP/~userna5 then you do not need to use a host file mod as it is only to trick your computer into thinking the domain has already resolved to another server.

The host file needs format: ‘IPaddress domain’ not ‘IP/somefolder/ domain’.

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