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Paulo Coelho I could happily lean on a gate all the livelong day, chatting to passers-by about the wind and the rain. Virat Kohli There'll be moments when I'm out in the prison yard, chatting with the cast and the crew, getting ready to shoot a scene.

I do a lot of gate-leaning while I am supposed to be gardening; instead of hoeing, I lean on the gate, stare at the vegetable beds and ponder. And then I'll remember if I were actually an inmate, I'd only be out there an hour.

Or, log in to Gruveo on your desktop or laptop and receive an alert anytime a call comes in.

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When I have a scheduled 'day off,' I spend several hours writing, then I clean until I crash from fatigue. Rachael Ray I talk to my readers on social networking sites, but I never tell them what the book is about.

Writing is lonely, so from time to time I talk to them on the Internet.

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However, in 2010, Omegle introduced a video mode to complement the text chat mode, which pairs together strangers who are using webcams and microphones. In 2011, the beta version of a new feature, "Spy Mode", was introduced.

I usually go to political discussion groups and sites - of course, as I use my real name, people never believe that they are chatting with me!

Lech Walesa I spend days on my Xperia logging on Facebook chatting with my friends and family at home; I love listening to Rihanna and Pink and watching movies.

Basically, Airtime is a mobile group video chat app where you can create a room, invite your friends to join it, and then drop in any kind of media you want, so you and your friends can all see it or watch it or listen to it together.

Getting a client to install a new app just to call you is a non-starter. Windows or Mac, Android or i Phone – your customers can call you from the device they already use and love. And, when it does, answer the call on whichever device you like.Jan Koum I've never made a penny being a doctor, so that makes it not a job.

Matchmaking itself has existed for centuries but its modern definition translates into something very different these days.… continue reading »

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I love food so training me is fun with my wikipedia or treats. This is about identifying weak spots and wish lists, not working through the oft-frigid world that is the business of basketball.… continue reading »

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